With the rapid pace of technological improvement in LED lighting, people often feel stuck with yesterday’s technology when new advancements hit the market. Lighting-as-a-service also solves the problem of missing out on the latest improvements.

What are  some of the key LAAS Benefits?

  • Why spend money on lighting when you can use your capital more strategically?
  • Increase efficiency, reduce your overall energy usage and simultaneously cut down maintenance.
  • LAAS is a service-based model that allows businesses to install energy-efficient LED lighting at no upfront
    capital expenditure. A monthly service fee covers all the new lighting fixtures, maintenance, and repairs for the
    life of the service agreement.
  • LAAS is a service agreement and could be allocated as an operating expense and not a capital expense.
    From the get-go, your cash-flow will be positively influenced compared to the traditional methods. Your
    savings on energy will subsidise or pay for the entire program, with additional savings adding to the bottom
    line from day one.


How is LAAS different from other purchasing models?

Capital Expenditure
• Lighting paid for upfront
• Ownership over the lighting system
• Ongoing replacement service and maintenance costs. The manufacturer’s warranty is back to base warranty

Loan or Lease Agreement
• Reduce the initial cost of new lighting upfront
• Defined as a capital expense
• Interest on the loan
• Responsible for ongoing service and maintenance manufacturer’s warranty back-to-back method only

Lighting As A Service
• Agreement defined as an operating cost, not a capital expense
• One monthly fee
• All maintenance and replacement costs of lighting is managed and
completed by LumNz Ltd for the life of the agreement.


Types of customers that will find LAAS beneficial:

• District Councils
• Heavy Industries: Steel manufacturing
• Pulp and Paper
• Forestry
• Food and Beverage
• Manufacturing industries
• High Dust environments
• Warehousing
• Medical facilities

Lumnz is New Zealand’s best-LED lighting solutions provider, reach out to us with your project. Let’s help you make your vision a reality.

What is the service process?

Lumnz will arrange to come out to your site and conduct a full on-site light usage assessment. Each site is unique and can have many variables that will dictate the type of lights needed.

Lumnz takes all the data gathered from the On-Site Audit and produces a full site solution that includes considerations like: • Lux levels (Intensity of Light) • Uniformity of lighting • Glare ratio in relation to the installation of luminaires and user positions. • Spill Lighting

Our lighting design then gets reviewed by an Engineer to make sure that our design meets our stringent Quality, Efficiency, and Longevity Criteria.

We present you with a well detailed LAAS agreement outlining work to be undertaken, design performance and your monthly service fee.

The lighting system is fully installed by Lumnz Ltd.

Once the system has been fully installed according to design specifications you get to sign off the system based on our agreement.

Easy as that, now sit back run your core business and let us take care of all your light maintenance work.


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